Friday 3 October 2014

Fun Fact Friday (#36)

Fun Fact Friday is a meme hosted by Lettora at I’m Booked! If you’d like to join and do your own Fun Fact Friday, just ask! At I’m Booked! Every week we’ll give you five new, fun facts.

This week’s five facts:

1. There are 10 times more bacterial cells in your body than body cells.

2.  90% of the wildlife in Madagascar is not found anywhere else in the natural world.

3.  For hundreds of years, "Computer" was a job title for a person who did math calculations all day.

4.  The world's heaviest pumpkin had 2,096 pounds (950 kg).

5.  Since 1870, global sea levels have risen by about 8 inches (20 cm).


  1. I'm actually really surprised with number 3. But doing math calculations all day also seems like the most boring job in the world... unless you like math. :p

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    1. P.S. I love these fun facts too. Might be helpful since I'll be joining scholar bowl this year at my school... ;)

    2. Hehe, yeah I'm not sure I like maths enough to do it all day for a living. I'm glad you liked the facts! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!