Tuesday 30 December 2014

5 Benefits of Book Tours for Bloggers

Since I'm Booked! is now offering book tours for authors over at I'm Booked! Tours, I thought I'd give a few examples of how bloggers benefit from book tours by becoming tour hosts so you can see how book tours can make your blog even better.

1. Content
As a Tour Host you will always have a stream of posts to add content to your blog. These include reviews, giveaways, guest posts, interviews and book excerpts. This is especially helpful when you are lacking in ideas for posts for your blog.

2. Organisation

When you’re on a tour you choose when you want to host a stop on a book tour. As you are added to the tour schedule, this will help you keep organised as you must ensure your post goes out when planned.

3. Traffic
You will get increased traffic to you blog from other tour hosts, bloggers and authors. From this surge in traffic to your blog, people who may have never seen your blog before may become long term followers of your content if they like your blog.

4. New Friends
 You’ll meet fellow book bloggers, and make friends with authors. This is helpful for you as it helps build your network in the book blogging world and can lead to new opportunities long after the tour is finished.

5. Books
Free books!  Always a perk. As a tour host, when you sign up for a book event you can request a copy of the book to read for free.

So there you have it, 5 benefits of book tours for bloggers. If you're interested in I'm Booked! Tours, sign up to become a tour host here.

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