Monday, 8 July 2019

Book Tour: GothMares by Al Musitano Trailer 2

Hey all! So as promised I'm Booked! is excited to present the second trailer for GothMares by Al Musitano that we're running for this fantastic tour this July.


Meet Angela Crowley.  She’s a not-so-ordinary seventeen-year-old with a Gothic style who just moved to the Sunshine State.
Besides the family and friends she left behind, Angela has to contend with school work and the misery of being surrounded by beaches and sunny blondes.  It’s enough to dampen anyone’s spirit.
On top of it all, she soon discovers that the Crowley’s new home is haunted and there’s a dark family secret—besides Uncle Dave.
Just don’t look behind you.


Al Musitano has lived many lives.  At least one of them must have been as a teenage girl.  His writing comes from a place of darkness and confusion.  Traveling the world brought him to near-death experiences with headless horsemen, cannibal pigmies, and zombies.
These experiences, along with his fascination with the most confusing language on the planet, have convinced him to write these stories.  Are they fiction or remnants of memories?  Not even his psychiatrist knows for sure.

Check back for more updates throughout this month or get a copy of the book here now.

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