Tuesday 4 September 2018

Bad Reads: The 7 Stages of a DNF

Hello lovely people. I while back I made an infro graphic on the 7 stages of a DNF.

DNF = Did Not Finish

Lets be real. It happens. Sometimes that book everyone's been raving about just isn't that good. You force yourself to finish but it's just not happening. The reason I made the original post was because I was struggling to get through An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Apparently I eventually finished it since I wrote a review of it although I did joke about writing half-review a few years ago for books I couldn't finish.

Like I said the last time, if you're really not enjoying a book it's okay to save it for later or maybe even give up on it completely. Reading should be fun and if you're not having fun get a different book.

Have you ever had to DNF a book? What was it?

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