Friday, 14 September 2018

Guest Post: Don’t Know What to Read Next? Then Try The Book Lottery

Every time after you finished reading a book, you are plagued with a simple question. "What's next?"

It had only been a few seconds since you had clicked "mark as read" in Goodreads, and already the question is on your mind, and the world is watching while you make your choice. If only you knew what to read next ...

I know the feeling far too well. There are many books that I want to read, then there are a few that I have to read, and, of course, the magic ones that I would die if I don’t read them. In addition, my TBR pile looks at me from a hidden corner in the room - trying to guilt-trip me. The most forgotten books are ebooks that were cheap and … now the poor things are waiting on my eReader to be read. Just that I haven’t used the eReader since this millennium started and I can’t remember which books are on it.

However, there is one way out of this disaster that has always worked for me: The Book Lottery!

“What is a book lottery?” I hear you ask. The principle is rather simple - just like with a regular lottery nothing more than a stroke of luck decides the outcome. In that case it would be about money but in this case it’s about which book to read next.  
How is it going to work?

STEP 1: 

This might be the most difficult part. For the book lottery to work, you need to write down all the books that you would be able to read in this very moment. 

This includes - but is not limited to: books on your TBR, any books on your digital TBR, (A)RCs you were given without a deadline, books on your “want to read” that you can buy within a second and start reading, and books from your eLibrary that had always tickled your fancy and you could borrow in this very moment. In short, pretty much any book that you thought about reading and is available as of now.

Once you have your slips, we turn to step 2.

STEP 2: 
Find a pretty hat or jar. A cap is going to do as well. Then throw all those slips inside.

STEP 3: 
Mix and shake

STEP 4: 
Last but hardly least, comes the most important part: Now it is time to draw a "winner".  
Whatever title you pulled out of the magic hat/jar/cap is going to be your next read. This way you don’t have to decide yourself and hundreds of - hopefully - entertaining pages ahead of you

Happy reading!


I am Susanne from – a rookie road tripper, blogger, and bookworm at heart. I regularly write about travel, lifestyle, and books. Naturally, I wouldn’t dare to leave the house without one in my bag.


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