Saturday 5 January 2019

Let's Journal: Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Notebook Review

Does it live up to the hype?

I’ve had my Bullet Journal for a few days now. Before I bought it, I was overwhelmed with all the options I had. Which journal should you settle on? The problem I had deciding was that I was a complete newbie to bullet journaling, so I didn’t know what I even needed. How many gsm do I need? How many pages? What colour? I just went with the popular choice which was the Leuchtturm 1917. Now, I’ve never bought a Leuchtturm before and I’m not the only one so here I am to help out anyone looking to see if it lives up to the hype.  

I got the standard A5 dotted notebook in teal that all the YouTubers and bloggers had because I wanted to look profesh, of course. 

So, I was super excited when I got it in the mail (Amazon Prime same-day deliveryyy!). I ripped it out of the packaging and examined it.

It’s definitely a teal colour which I’m happy with. It comes with two ribbons but mine were stuck together so I left them like that because I was sure if that’s how they’re meant to be.

Don’t worry I’ve cut them now! So, onto the interior. When you open the journal you have a page to write your name. You could also write any contact details you have so it can be returned to you.
We have a nice index inside with numbered pages, so you don’t have to write your own, and we have a pocket!

So how does it hold up ink-wise? Well You’ll be happy to know that your average ink pen doesn’t bleed through. I haven’t tested out my brush pens yes but when I do I’ll let you know. Although the paper doesn’t bleed it can show through as you can see here:

The other side. Oops.

It doesn’t really bother me but I can see why it would be a problem for some. If you’re looking for more ink-proof paper then I’d recommend a higher 100gsm notebook like Dingbats which seems to have good reviews. All in all I’m pretty happy with my purchase and I’m excited to get journaling this year!

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Happy New Year! Let's (Bullet) Journal!

Hey everyone, how have you been?

So… I’ve decided to try a few new things this year. One of them is bullet journaling. I’ve been watching YouTubers like AmandaRachLee bullet journal for a few weeks now and I thought what better time to start than in the New Year. I thought it would be cool to document the process and see where it takes me, so here we go!

So, first things first, what is a bullet journal?

Bullet journals were an idea started by Ryder Carroll. It's basically a method of journalling that is meant to help you be productive and organised. You have a key that you use to log different tasks/events and you cross them off as you go. I've looked at some other bloggers and their journals are honestly amazing.

To begin, I had to buy a journal. Now I already have a whole load of notebooks already but apparently for bullet journaling you need a journal with dotted pages. This meant all my lined and plain notebooks weren’t going to be helpful here. After some research it turned out that one of the more popular brands was the Leuchtturm 1917. I hopped on Amazon and got one same-day delivery because I just couldn't wait to start.

At first I was just looking at the pages, too scared to write anything in case I ruined it. 

Then I got the courage to draw in pencil.

Then I mustered the courage to go over it in pen.

And at some point I had this:

It looked alright so I continued on to do my '2019 at a glance page'.

After rubbing out all the pencil I got this:

It's been super fun journalling so far and I'll be adding a new feature called Let's Journal! to the blog. If any of you guys have done bullet journals or a hoping to start one let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear some tips and tricks.