Review Policy

If you're an Author or Publisher considering sending me a review copy of a book, firstly, thanks. Here are a few things you should know before you submit your request:

  1. I reserve the right to stop reading your book (after 50 pages)
  2. I reserve the right to read and review what I choose
  3. I can't guarantee a positive review
  4. I can't guarantee I will review your book

My preference is currently for YA and NA fiction. This includes, for example a YA book that was fantasy or an NA book the was mystery/thriller. If your book falls into these categories then feel free to contact me about any queries you may have for a review or advertisement.

I'm currently not accepting self published books. If you aren't entirely sure where your book fits in please feel free to email me.

Requesting a review:
  1. Send a paragraph long summary of your book, stating the genre, page count, a short bio and the title to
  2. You will then need to wait for a reply via email where I will either decline or accept your offer.

I will accept books in both paper and ebook (Kindle) form.

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