Thursday 30 August 2012

Top 6 Best Places to Read a Book

Whenever I get a chance, I try to read. But there are definitely some places I go where I enjoy reading more. Some places are just too noisy or they’re just not that comfortable or maybe you just can’t concentrate because the surroundings are too distracting. Here’s a list of my favourite places to read a book.

1.       In a book shop – I love reading in book shops and before my beloved Borders closed it was my favourite pastime. Since then I found Waterstones to be quite cosy and the warm atmosphere along with the smell off freshly brewed coffee (love the smell, hate the taste) is very welcoming. Book shops are also a great place to pick up stationary if you’re running low on pencils which I always am for some reason.

2.       On a long train journey –this is a great place to read, especially when you now you have four more hours until your stop comes. When you have a good book, a comfy seat and cup of hot chocolate, nothings better.

3.       In bed – sometimes when I just can’t get to sleep I pick up a book. Another excuse to read and a great way to cure that insomnia. Just remember to put you book away when you feel you’re starting to drift off or you could crease the pages. It’s happened…

4.       In the park – Reading outdoors is a good change from reading indoors. If you can find a quiet comfortable place to sit like a bench then it’s great. I find it isn’t as enjoyable when temperatures outside are below zero or when it’s raining so check the weather first.

5.       In a coffee shop – I hardly ever read in coffee shops but I knew a lot of people did so I decided to give it a try and it wasn’t too bad. Quite nice actually, hot chocolate, a muffin and a book. Reading heaven.

6.       On my favourite chair – This is my most favourite place to read. Even though I’m disrupted by someone every five minutes, nothing beats curling up on my soft, warm chair with a good book. I have to walk around every hour or so, otherwise my legs go numb.

Where are your favourite places to read?


  1. Lovely post, Lettora! I think my favorite place to read is in my bedroom, because it's quiet and my pesky brother is not in sight! ;)

    -Grace :)

  2. @Grace Ma

    Thanks Grace, I know how you feel about pesky siblings. :)

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