Monday 6 August 2012

The Immortals Series by Alyson Noel

Series Title: The Immortals Series
Author: Alyson Noel

This is a review of the overall series.

I have to admit, as soon as I'd read Evermore I was hooked. This was a book was interestingly original while still maintaining a comforting familiarity. The protagonist, Ever, wasn't overpowering or whiny and didn't take long to explain why she acted so strangely. Her relationship with Damen and her friend's, Miles and Haven was sincere and the way she dealt with High School enemies was more or less ordinary. Though she seemed a bit desensitized from the memory of her family her family with whom she'd recently parted. The overall plot of the first book was clear and consice. Which is more than I can say for the rest of the series.
Rating: 4/5

Blue Moon. Ever is now an immortal and is spending more time with her new found love, Damen, in a place called Summerland. Here she learns to manifest items at will. As the book progresses we see Ever grow stronger and in turn Damen grow weaker. In the end she is tricked by a rogue immortal named Roman into giving Damen a cure containing her blood. This helps him regain his strength but mean's that if they ever touched, Ever's DNA would kill Damen. In my opinion, she completely acted out of character.
Rating: 3/5

Shadowland. In this book Ever and Damen learn of the Shadowland, the place where those without a soul lay to rest. Jude, an ordinary mortal with knowledge of the mystical beings of the world. Though how he knows so much confuses me as his only information source is his carer Lina. As nice as his chaacter is, I feel that his existence is a little pointless. It seems Noel wrote him to give the series a 'love triangle' of sort's. But Ever only lets Jude think he has a chance with her when she never loved him as anything more than a friend. In the end he almost kills Haven (a character which I didn't like anyway) but surprise, surprise give's Ever the option to save her and turn her into an immortal. Not only a selfish move but it lands her in heaps of trouble in the next book.
Rating: 2/5

Dark Flame. This was basically pages and pages of nothing. Suddenly Damen and Ever grow apart and she thinks she loves Roman, because she accidently binds herself to him when a spell she performs goes wrong, I actually went back a few chapters to make sure I did't miss anything. Ever seemed like she hated Roman and his smarmy ways. But now it seems that this was what she loved about him. Haven also becomes obsessed with him. In the end Jude ruins Ever's chance to get the antidote by killing roman. Haven walks in and blames Ever for his death and plans to get her revenge.
Rating: 1/5

Night Star. At this point I thought this series was a lost cause but I continued to read it to see how it ended. Haven's vendetta against Ever proves to be a problem for everyone. So Ever brakes up with Damen to see if she love's Jude more (she doesn't) and Damen tells Miles about everything. Haven turns super evil and tries and fails to kill Ever because she is 'unkillable' (not my words) then she tries to kill Miles just after she throws a shirt with the antidote stained on it, into a fireplace. Ever realises she must be stopped and sends her to the Shadowland with a mighty punch to her weakest chakra. Can't say I missed her, but she did make this book a decent read.
Rating: 3/5

Everlasting. Couldn't really get into this book because of the boring start. It seemed quite rushed like Noel was trying to quickly find a solution to everyone's problems. She gives ever a floating oracle called lotus to send Ever on countless journeys to put right all her wrongs. In the end she releases Drina, Roman and Haven from the Shadowland so they can move on, at which point Roman gives her the antidote in list form. Then she, being 'the chosen one' has to find a tree with bear's fruit that can reverse the immortal spell. She and Damen decide to become mortals and be together for the rest of their natural lives. Not exactly what I'd expected but, an ending no less.
Rating: 2/5

Rating Overall: 3/5


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    1. Hey, Robyn Hill. You may notice that she said to send the links to her email. It's in the About Me page. Anyway, this isn't really the place for book reviews from her. You should comment on her review, not that you want a book review from her. Not to be rude. Just kind of irritated.

      Anyway, all things aside, I never really viewed the Immortals series as being any good. It all seems a bit too drama-inflicted for me, and the story never seems to go anywhere. It happens when there are too many books in a series, I guess.
      And maybe you really should consider making a separate Contact page.
      Kim at

  2. I completely agree! I ended up reading the whole series (don't know why) but my average rating for each novel was 2 stars.... Great post and love the blog :)
    Alex @ Possession of Books

  3. @Alex

    Thanks Alex. As much as I didn't like the books, they're kind of addictive.

  4. I was accidentally bought the immortals series: shadowland and i had never read the orevios books, ever more and blue moon. Do you think i would understand the storyline? I dont want to read it but ive wasted my money so yeah. Should i read it? Or buy the previous novels? Pleasss reply i need your help. Can you please reply me at