Wednesday 9 July 2014

New addition to Princess Diaries for 2015

Princess Diaries fans hold onto your seats because it looks like Princess Mia is making a return in 2015 with Meg Cabot’s new addition to the series about Mia life as an adult. Time has really passed and next year will be the 15th anniversary of the first book and with this she is bringing out Princess Diaries XI: Royal Wedding

According to Ms Cabot's website the first book will follows Princess Mia's plan for a wedding as someone attempts to steal her throne.

The other book FROM THE NOTEBOOKS OF A MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCESS is aimed at younger readers and tells the story of Mia’s long lost half-sister, Olivia who has just discovered she is also a princess.

As a big Princess Diaries fan, this is something I’m definitely looking forward to next year.


  1. Neat! I haven't read the books, but the series has always interested me and I have book on on my shelf (recently acquired) waiting to be read.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! These books are definitely worth reading, especially if you're a fan of Meg Cabot's other books. Reading them actually got me to start writing my own journal.

      - Lettora