Thursday 7 May 2015

Discussion: How Important is your Follower Count?

As I’ve been blogging over the years my views on followers and following back have changed slightly. When I started off I made it my job to get as many followers as possible and to follow as many bloggers as I could find. I was fixated on numbers and had the idea that the more followers I had the better my blog was. I followed other blogs whether I liked them or not because I wanted to integrate myself into the blogosphere. This worked to an extent. I gained followers quickly and I found other bloggers to follow but I found that the number of followers I had didn’t correlate the number of comments I got or how many page views I received. I was also completely focused on Google Friend Connect and I thought that the only way I’d get more readers was to have hundreds, maybe even thousands of followers.

That’s all changed, I no longer do follows-for-follows and I only follow blogs that I find interesting. Most of the comments I receive come from those that don’t follow me on GFC or any platform but they still regularly comment when they see something that interests them. If people do follow me they’re more likely to use Bloglovin’, Twitter or even send me a friend request on Goodreads. Because there are so many different ways to find other blogs and read their content, I’m not too fussed about how many people follow me directly or even indirectly.

I suppose it depends on how you measure your blogs success. Some people write special posts for every milestone. Some people hold a giveaway for every hundred followers they get. At the same time, some people don’t even have the option to follow or subscribe on their blog. I personally like to bookmark my favourite blogs because it’s an easy way to keep track of my favourite article.

How important are followers to you?

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