Thursday 16 August 2012

Dark Secrets – Legacy of Lies & Don’t Tell, by Elizabeth Chandler

Title: Dark Secrets
Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Page Count: 431
Publication Date: March 8th 2011

Dark Secrets contains two stories. The first, Legacy of Lies, is about a girl called Megan who has to stay with her not-so-sweet grandmother over the summer. Due to her being adopted her grandmother refuses to be anything but hostile towards Megan which frustrates her greatly. She finds herself in a love triangle and learns she’s more connected to her families past than she thought.

I enjoyed both stories which I felt were well thought out but the love triangle in Legacy of lies felt a bit obvious. Another thing I thought was odd about it was that Matt was her cousin. I had to keep reminding myself that Megan was adopted to make it seem less strange. That aside, the story itself was greatly mysteriously, a little scary at times and had me gripped from start to end.

In the second story, Don’t Tell, we follow Lauren who revisits the town where, seven years ago, her mother drowned. Slowly, strange events occur that mimic those that happened before her mother’s death and Lauren starts to question the innocence of the accident and later wonders if she’s next.

The second story was my favourite of the two simply because I preferred the story which I felt was especially mysterious. Especially when Lauren is alone and waiting for something to happen. Every time something creepy happened I couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to be the end for Lauren. Especially because it seemed her fate is set out for her.

Overall both stories were mostly quite eerie and mysterious although Chandler managed to slip in some humour here and there which lifted the mood.  It’s a nice book that will give you chills when you read it at night and leave you looking over your shoulder in the morning.

Rating: 3/5

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