Tuesday 14 October 2014

Why Blog Commenting is Important

Let’s face it. We all love getting comments. They let people know that your blog is alive with active readers that actually want to read what about what you have to say. From the good to the bad, it’s a nice way of knowing people are interested in your content. But did you know the benefits of leaving comments on other people’s blogs far outreaches gratification? There are many ways you, as a blogger, can see positives come from it too.

1.       Making friends: Having friends in the blogosphere is always a good thing. You can recommend books or other products to each other and keep one another up to date on what’s going on in the world of books. A good way of making friends is through commenting as you’re letting the other person know that you like their post and they’ll appreciate that you took the time to comment.

2.       Backlinking: If you’ve commented on another blog before, you’ll notice that your username links back (usually) to your blog or website. This helps search engines to find you, and consequently, your blog. Increasing your traffic.

3.       Engaging in discussions: Some blog posts may lead to a discussion due to interest or controversy. If an interesting topic is raised this is a great opportunity to write to other bloggers and discuss the matter and find out other people’s opinions on it. It can even lead to you developing your own ideas for a blog post of your own.

4.       Branding: Your blog has a brand. It’s different to other blogs because you wrote it and your posts have a unique voice. This voice can also be captured in a comment. A comment that you can leave on someone’s post that you found to be valuable. A thoughtful comment can lead others to becoming interested in your own blog. This is why you should try to leave comments when you actually have something to say because saying ‘Hi (blogger), great post’ and leaving your URL isn’t likely to garner you any favour. In fact it will most likely hurt your brand.

5.       Give and you shall receive: Do you like getting comments? Of course! We all do. It shows that someone wants to tell us that we helped them or that we made them laugh. But if you don’t comment on other peoples blogs then why should others comment on yours? Take a few minutes to comment and share the love. You’ll get noticed and people will want to comment in return.

These are just a few things that I've learned about commenting. Let me now what you think!


  1. I couldn't agree more with a lot of those points! And as a matter of fact, I try to go back and read every single persons blog (if they have one) who comments on mine. I also love reading other blogs - I try to read and comment on three different ones a day - so that I can be part of this book blogging community. I have made a lot of friends this way as well!

    1. You can make some great friends by commenting and it's a really good way to find new blogs to read. Good job on commenting on three blogs a day! I have my off days but I try to stay as active as possible in the book blogosphere.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)