Friday 19 June 2015

Fun Fact Friday (#70)

Fun Fact Friday is a meme hosted by Lettora at I’m Booked! If you’d like to join and do your own Fun Fact Friday, just ask! At I’m Booked! Every week we’ll give you five new, fun facts. 

This week’s five facts: 

1. At the center of every raindrop is an impurity such as dust, clay or soot. It is almost impossible for raindrops to form from pure water.

2. The opah, or "moonfish", is the only known fully warm-blooded fish.

3. The lifespan of a squirrel is about nine years.

4.  A group of twelve or more cows is called a flink.

5.  Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.


  1. Hah! Love these. The first one surprised me a bit! How interesting. I'm pretty sure I have been a witness to #3, as I've lived in the house I'm at for over ten years and there's this one squirrel who sits in the tree in my backyard and screams at everyone who passes by - and has been doing this for an extremely long time.

    Nice idea, by the way - weekly random facts. ^^ I like it.

    All the best to you!

    Edge of Night

  2. Hiii! I just found your blog and I really liked it! Therefore, as a part of the blogosphere, I am nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Here is the link to the award post I created.

    Congratulations! You deserve this! xo