Monday 27 April 2015

Guest Post: The Good and the Bad of Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Hi, I'm Skye Clover from A Geek with Books. I've been noticing recently that there are a lot of pros and cons that go with making books into movies, so I thought I would share the ones I came up with!


1. It gets people into reading.
A lot of people like to read a book BEFORE they see a movie (I am one of those people, except I must), so more people begin to have a love of books. Which is awesome (because books)!!
2. You get to fangirl/boy out.
You can show your love for a certain book or series that would look weird if people didn't know what it was (i.e. dressing up like Tris before the movie came out).
3. The book comes to life on screen.
Seeing a book on a screen could help you notice what you've never noticed before, and really just bring your favorite book to life, and who doesn't love their favorite actors playing their favorite characters?
4. Watching your friends or family find out what happens when you already know.
THIS IS SO MUCH FUN. I know what's coming up next, and they don't. Then, I can watch their oh so hilarious reactions!


1. The movie (usually) isn't as good as the book (to most people).
Book lovers always complain that the book was better (though, in my opinion, the Catching Fire was WAY better), yet they see them all
2. When actors don't look like the characters.
This happens SOOOO often. We get all on the actor for being brunette instead of blonde, and can't seem to pay attention to anything else! Even though, in reality, it's most likely not all that important.
3. The genre is EVERYWHERE if the movie does well.
Twilight, Twilight, and Twilight. There were SO MANY VAMPIRES. It was like authors forgot other genres existed! Same thing with dystopia, it's dying down now, but for awhile, it was everything in bookstores.
4. They change things......
This might just be the worst one. Now everyone know the story! Yay! isn't the book. At all. I wish they could have just made Percy Jackson 12....!!! Or at least have the same plot as the book......

What's your opinion? Should books be made into movies? Any of pros you find bad, or cons you find good? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I think this was a very good listing of the pros and cons! I know that I do love seeing books I have read come to life on the screen and to finally have some friends around me to talk about the book with. Or more so, movie. But when the casting is all wrong and they mess up the storyline it does bother me somewhat.

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    1. Thanks!! Totally agree! When the casting is wrong....I know. Though, I don't really care about looks unless they're actually important to the story. No matter what, books coming to life on the big screen is always awesome!!