Thursday 16 April 2015

Cover Reveal Sign-Up: A Seahorse Tale by Michael Mardel

This is a fantasy story for middle grade and Young Adult readers. The Seahorse relates his interactions with a Mermaid and she regales him with stories about a few famous, and not so famous, women. There's some historical fiction and Australiana included as well as pirates, elves and leprechauns. Come on an adventure in the life of a seahorse and a mermaid and learn how the Mermaid teaches the Seahorse as well as transporting him to a place like the Bermudas.
Michael Mardel implements a tale of philosophical proportions. Anthony Avina.

Author Bio:

Michael Mardel has been writing school textbooks for over 10 years. In between he has written 10 short stories around Australia, and a middle grade trilogy about a boy who leaves Melbourne for Broome, then back again to a farm and later overseas (everywhere Michael has travelled and then some). Michael has had many jobs but education covers about 15 years, 10 of which he was a teacher-librarian. He lives in Broome, Western Australia, with his wife, step daughter and two dogs.

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